Saturday, February 27, 2010

A game rangers holiday...

Ever wondered before what game rangers get up to in their spare time.... have a squiz above! Both these boys are now veteran big 5 game rangers as they have been doing it passionately for the past 10 years...and still going strong.

We headed off for a break in Maputuland and camped at Kosi Bay Camp which forms part of the Isimangaliso Wetlands formerly known as the St. Lucia Wetlands World Heritage Site. Kosi Bay is literally 10km from the Mozambique border post and when you are out there, it truly is OUT there.

The campsites are located on Lake 3's edge and has a pretty awesome feel to it. If you love water, this should most definitely be added to your list of destinations to visit before you die! We spent 7 blissful days, visiting Kosi Mouth (caught no fish), Black Rock (caught no fish), Banganek (the boys caught 1 very large sand shark on a night fishing expedition - but no we contemplate fisherman stories...)

For a different perspective on conservation Shane and Werner surprised us girls with a turtle tour at Banganek, which is one of the nesting sights where loggerhead and leather back turtles come and lay their eggs. What an experience...and what an eye opener. I never realised that walking on a sandy beach for hours at night time could be so disorientating. There will be a separate post on the turtle tour experience...

So with boys being boys, and game rangers taking a break from the bush, in another, well different bush... it stays the bush non the less and you can never soak up enough of the rhythm of Africa!

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