Sunday, February 28, 2010

Heroes as usual...


Have a look at the video clip above... so this is how it happened:

We were on our way back from fishing and having an idyllic day at Black Rock on our recent getaway to Kosi Bay, when we came across these 2 crazy old ducks in their Nissan Navara. Stuck, what seemed like for good. Of course, being a game ranger, you are used to saving the day and knowing your way around the elements of nature. Slamming on breaks, the boys jumped out, to start the rescue!

The two old ducks freaking out, begging for assistance made some comment, which I failed to hear, which provoked the response of:

Don't worry lady, we are game rangers, we do this type of thing everyday!

And thank goodness they do this type of thing everyday, otherwise we might have gotten stuck there with them, the cows and some locals bopping around with palm leaves and what not to try create traction under the tyres. Nissan Navara was put to shame. Brand new 4X4 means nothing, when an old game rangers Land Rover has to rescue your shiny ass!

So the boys saved the day and then managed to get an invite for a G&T back at their camp. Oh oh oh, is all I can say. Do not accept any invites from 2 crazy old ladies in a fancy shiny car in the middle of nowhere. You are probably getting yourself into some weird situation that will make you regret stopping and helping in the first place!

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